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Case #3

Case #3

Selling a property can seem like an easy task and some sellers even try doing it themselves, however we assure you that hiring one of our expert realtors to help you with this task will pay off in the end.

Our client, a single mom of 3 children, was trying to save money by listing her house as “for sale by owner”. She had a plan to move to Texas to be close to her parents and wanted to sell as quickly as possible.

After trying unsuccessfully for over a month to sell, she called us looking for advice. Our realtor reached out to her right away and scheduled to meet with her the next day. During the meeting, our realtor presented a plan of selling the house, showed comparable homes that sold in her community, and they together determined the best listing price she was comfortable with. Photoshoot was scheduled for the following day and listing went on MLS within 3 days of the client reaching out to us.

The house went under contract within a week of being listed and the deal was closed 30 days after. Our Team from A&M Real Estate Concierge was there for the client every step of the way.

We firmly believe that when selling a house it is important to correctly price the property for a quick sale. During the seller presentation, we always show homes that closed in the community in the past 90 days and compare them to the subject property. Very often sellers have unrealistic expectations of the property value. Overpriced properties tend to “sit” on the market for a long period of time and buyers lose interest in the property thinking that there is something wrong with it, hence start low balling the offer price.

If you’re looking or trying to sell, give us a call to set up a FREE no obligation consultation with one of our expert realtors.