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If you’re looking to buy, getting pre-approved with a lender should be the top priority on your list, unless you’re planning on paying cash for the property. We work with top lenders in the nation to help you get the best interest rate and highest loan amount possible.

Here are 5 reasons to talk to a lender before starting to look for a home:

1. Set realistic expectations. Know your “pre-approved” amount, not to waste time.

2. You can shop around for a loan. It is wise to check out 2-3 lenders (but do it over a short period of time not to hurt your credit score) to pick the best one that suits your needs.

3. Sellers know you are serious if you have a pre-approval letter ‘in hand’.

4. Your lender will let you know fees and costs that will be associated with a transaction to set realistic expectations. Pay attention to taxes, HOA fees etc.

5. Lenders will specify what you need for down payment and which program would work in your particular situation.